Am I a Career Switcher?

When my seminary recruited me, one of their selling points was: If you study Jewish Education now, you can always switch to secular education later in life….

BUT now that I’m actually trying to break into the world as a secular educator or a secular non profit professional, everyone only sees the Jewish experience and the Jewish degrees.

So, if anyone out there has guidance into how I can present my Jewish education experience and my Jewish communal service experience as valuable, translatable, transferable experience into the secular world of higher education and non profit management, please share.

Am I a career switcher? Is the switch from working in religious institutions to the secular world a career switch?

2 thoughts on “Am I a Career Switcher?

  1. bluegear

    It sounds like you are a career switcher. Secular educational institutions will likely treat you as one, for better or worse. It sounds like you are making a grip similar to that of an Army recruit who is promised marketable job training if they enlist. Were you unhappy in your original field? I’m curious as I have recently switched from a career in the skilled trades to one in Jewish education and music.

    1. Susan Lippe Post author

      Thank You for your comment and for reading my blog.
      I love Jewish education. I’m happy to talk more about that off line and support you in any way that I can, if you are interested.
      Lots of factors combined to make this moment the right time to ‘switch,’ not because I don’t love Jewish education. I resigned because I live in a small Jewish community in a small city. It is time for me to meet new challenges and new students. I’m stretching and reaching and hoping.


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